Olbero Off the Peg (Elsa)

Our statuesque girl Elsa, who is now the matriarch of the Olbero family, calmly keeping the others inline and showing them all what good manners look like.

Ch One in a Million at Olbero (Gloria)

Our beautiful girl Gloria, who loves nothing more than spending her time with her daughter (Penny) and grand-daughter (Breeze).

Olbero Owtkatchit (Timbo)

The man of the house Timbo, who is kept in line by all the women he has to live with. It's a good job he's such a big softy and loves them all so much.

Olbero One to Treasure (Penny)

Our stunning girl Penny, playing with her puppies.

Olbero One Summer Breeze (Breeze)

The latest addition to the Olbero family is our little girl Breeze, who is such a playful and exuberant girl, like her mother Penny in so many ways.

The dogs together

The Olberos out and about, playful as ever.

Pete with the horses

Pete, out with our magnificent Arab Horses, probably wishing they were enjoying arabian weather instead of an English Winter.